Four days of glorious weather, a group of very talented young musicians, some very experienced tutors, excellent facilities, all under the care of Eileen Carney-Jones, our wonderful Pastoral Care Lead and NHS Nurse Practitioner. The Easter course was a memorable experience with some superb music -making by our Brass Works and Brass Studio players and, let’s not forget the hard work put in by our Grade 5 theory class who completed the course and sat the examination on the final day.

The week was memorable, not just because of the hard work on the part of musicians and tutors but also because of the impromptu community work we were able to do during the week. Eileen organised things so that the ensembles were able to perform at the local cottage hospital in Wellington and to perform on the High Street to a very appreciative audience! In addition to this these fine young musicians raised nearly £100 for the local hospice as a result of their talent and hard work!

As usual our course was a lovely mix of playing, activities, socialising and relaxing together and the feedback received was a pleasure to read. Here are a few examples:

‘When we went busking and played James Bond with the older kids – and people thinking I was 8 ( was quite funny actually)’

‘The opportunity to play a wide range of chamber music and to play it out in the town – and the Cake in the evenings’

‘I most enjoyed going out busking and raising money for the local charity’

‘Being rehearsed to a high standard in order to produce the best possible performance’

‘The tutors were amazing musicians and incredible teachers. I learnt so much! They were also really fun’

‘all lovely people who were very well informed. Wonderful stories of enchanted tree from Edd. I think we,ve done the tree proud :)’

‘Very helpful and kind’

My thanks to all our young musicians for being so positive and contributing to a really fine course and to all the tutors for the experience, wisdom and talent that they were able to share. As always, a special thank you to our course ‘mum’ Eileen who was as patient, caring and thoughtful as always.

Looking forward to the next time!

Paul Archibald