20140426-171146.jpgIt’s Blackpool today with Regent Brass. I’m here with the band to compete for the Senior Trophy at the 94th British Open Spring Festival being held in the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. We’re staying in the Blackpool FC Hotel which is a fine establishment – faring a little better than the club itself which, unless they win a game out of the last two this season, will be relegated to a lower division.

Now, I’m not suggesting there are any analogies there, but contesting is a rather like competitive football except you don’t really get a point for a draw. It’s win or lose, thumbs up or thumbs down.

We’ll see how we do today. We’re competing against 19 other great bands from all over the UK. It’s a blood sport but it’s good-natured and good-humoured. Kind of…

The band travelled up from London yesterday and we’re here for the weekend. I travelled up late last night following a concert with the London Mozart Players in Bradford-upon-Avon and will be driving down to Cambridge tomorrow to audition some talented kids for the Britten Sinfonia Academy. A busy weekend.

But good luck to my band, Regent Brass, today. They’re a passionate band, committed, considerate and deserve success.