imageBrass Band Boot Camp June 6-8 2014.

• English Brass Academy
• Brass Band Boot Camp June 6-8 2014
• Putney High School, London

There’s no doubt about it, David Thornton can certainly play the euphonium. His CV is as impressive as it gets and you can check him out on youtube and CDs. You’ll be mpressed. Funnily enough, I played euphonium for a year when I was a kid.

Now, let’s be honest, my band at the time, Parkhead Citadel Salvation Army Band was no Black Dyke or Brighouse & Rastrick but we could hack out a neat and tidy march such as Star Lake or even fumble our way through Treasures from Tchaikovsky. It wasn’t the music that was the problem, it was whether the band survived playing an open air service each Sunday in what was just about the roughest part of Glasgow. Home to Celtic Football Club, if you didn’t wear green you were fair game. My problems were compounded by being the only English kid (I was 11) in the local school. Fortunately, my best friend was a tough nut and
no one messed with him. Back to the band and my sidekick on euphonium could play high, fast and loud. But the bandmaster loved me because I could outdo him with the vibrato so lesson learned – keep it sweet and you’ll make friends.

A year later and we’d moved onto to Eccles Citadel and my reputation on euphonium was such that that it was decided that my talents might be best suited to the tenor horn. Ah well….

Now David can play high, loud, fast and sweet and he’s a top teacher too with RNCM, Huddersfield Uni and Chet’s under his belt. Now if I’d met someone like him when I was eleven maybe I’d be principal euph in Brighouse now….