So…..this is how it happened….

A few months ago our lovely LMP office people – all young, fit, healthy-types, decided to do a fundraiser for the orchestra:

Me: ‘Great idea! What have you in mind?’
Fit-healthy-type 1: ‘Let’s do a marathon! It’ll keep us fit and help us raise money for our projects’
Me: ‘Brilliant! Go for it!’
Fit-heathy-type 2: ‘Yeah, we can have two teams, those that want to do the whole thing and we can have a relay teams of 4 runners!’
Me: ‘Brilliant! Go for it!’
Fit-healthy-type 3: ‘Fantastic! I’ll do the whole marathon, I’ll start training tonight! It’ll be great fun. There’s be loads of players from the orchestra who will join the relay team!
Me: ‘Brilliant! Go for it!’
Fit-healthy-type 4: I’d love to do it. We’ll have enough for two teams at least – Jenny, Julia, Sara, Paul…
Me: ‘Err…what’s that…?
Fit-healthy-type 3: …oh yeah, and Robert, Ann, Sarah too…
Me: But….
Fit-healthy-type 2: This is sounding great! So impressed you’re up for this Paul. It really sends a positive message about the orchestra.
Me: But…
Fit-healthy-type 1: Wow Paul, I didn’t have you down as a runner! I’m so impressed!
Me: But I’m….
Fit-healthy-type 2: Great! We’re sorted. I’ll register us straightaway. It’ll be such fun and we’ll be raising money for a really good cause. Who wouldn’t want to do this…?
Me: Err…yeah….right…great…sounds fun….kind of….

So with steely resolve and gritted determination I willingly join the LMP Marathon Team. Over the last three months I’ve been training relentlessly..well, a few hours a week… I can do this I tell myself. I can do this…


The saying goes that the hardest part of any run putting your trainers on. No way! As I’ve spent my spare time pacing the tramac, early morning starts, buying that new expensive running gear, I reckon putting a pair of smelly old trainers is the easy bit!  But hey, it’s a great way to get fit so I’ve been told and I’ve signed up for it so let’s do this!

So…there’s a week to go. I’m looking mean, lean and determined. The six-pack is rippling. I’m up for a PB. Bring it on. It’s MK Marathon vs Me. Gulp…


Here’s the story….

On 2nd May 2016, 10 members of the LMP will be taking part in the Milton Keynes Marathon to raise money for the orchestra. We’re taking this seriously. We have ambitious aims of raising £5,000 to help sustain the LMP’s ongoing work in the community, education and on the concert platform. We’re enthusiastic and we’ve pledged to complete the race. We’re not going to mess around with this. We’re all extremely passionate about the work we do with the LMP and this marathon is just one part of the team’s ongoing commitment to helping shape the orchestra’s future.


Our runners are all from the LMP team

Full Marathon Runners
Michael Posner Viola
Cat Fuller Marketing Manager

Relay Marathon Runners
Jenny Brady Education Coordinator
Julia Desbruslais Executive Director & Co-Principal Cello
Sarah Posner Junior Blogger
Sara Gale Operations Assistant

Paul Archibald Principal Trumpet & LMP Chairman
Clare Hoffman Violin
Robert Manasse Flute
Ann Criscuolo Violin

It would be great if you could show all our runners support and help push them past the finish line by visiting the LMP Team Just Giving webpage

Any donations, small or large, are greatly appreciated. Your donation is really important to us. Join our team and we’ll keep you updated as to how we’re doing. For more information go to: LMP Team Runners